Barney Meyers 'Hidden Melbourne Project

Barney Meyer presented a fascinating look at Melbourne from the past to the current day. His project: The Hidden Melbourne project presents a fascinating look into the past and the ways of life back then. 

Barney is happy for anyone to explore the site and looks for further information from the public on any of the scenes and places that would further enhance the accuracy of the project.

As he states: "Please feel free to share, it’s the only way in which I am able to find more of those missing plates or whole panoramas from the past. I have just about exhausted every reference at the State Library of Vic, NGV, NLA, Trove, V&A Museum and am casting my net further. So it really helps if people look at the tour, hopefully enjoy it, and engage with it by helping to discover more scenes or make suggestions. I know that there must be more images lurking undiscovered, either new ones or the missing parts of the ones that I already have.'

To take a look go to:


'The stories behind the images make them even greater because they tell us of an extremely tough life that migrants had to suffer in the past.

And maybe make us more sensitive to the plight of new migrants.


This story opened up by the flashing hotspot is one way that we can tell a story, and I have done this by creating “deeplinks”, which can take the viewer to a specific point of view in a specific scene.'

1870 Nettleton from GPO